Warning: You are losing money by not using copywriting.

Copy Writing is text form of Salesmanship.

This blog contains the meaning and tips for copywriting, content writing and content marketing.

CopyWriting v/s Content Writing.

When you write a content you are basically engaging with your customers but when you are copywriting you know what your clients need, and you form words exactly to there needs and propel the reader (client) towards taking an action and convert it to sales or leading them to sign up.

Every business needs copy because copy sells.

Copywriting examples:-

Copywriting is difficult than content writing.

You need to be better at content writing first.


Imagine you trying to by something and they don;t have enough information about that product or service available.

Let’s take an example here: What is you are hiring a content writer for your business but they does not have any information regarding there area or expertise of work, how long they have been working as a content creator or any piece of content to display. you wouldn’t know if they are a trustworthy source. RIGHT?

This is how zomato keeps engaging with fun content.

Any type of business today need copy and content. Content basically to keep engaging with their customer and copy to sell.

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How to be better at content writing?

Read more, Write more.

When you read more you tend to write more, reading skilled writers makes you one.

But before being a skilled writer, you need to be a bad one. Write 500 bad words each day and you will gain those good 500 eventually.

And when you get those 500 start mind mapping, the word mind mapping has the meaning itself, you put your thoughts out there before putting them into the article it makes your content writing easy, this helps you to remember topics when you are actually writing your blog and not miss a single point. Also helps you to organise our thoughts.

Today I want to highlight what goes on in Mind mapping Mode.

The first version of an article typically just needs to translate an idea into some words.

Here’s a sample of one of mine.

For creating the mind map just like mine you can use : https://www.ayoa.com/ or https://www.mindmeister.com/

The above overall sums up content marketing and copywriting.

Now, let us gain some insights about Content Marketing.

Content marketing and content writing is quite similar in one manner but content marketing is difficult.

Content marketing basically is to make a proper strategy for the brands and businesses to reach their potential customers.

Making a good content strategy is really necessary to connect with the target clients.

Content marketing takes many experiments and years of experience in reaching out to the potential customer everytime.

It is quite difficult than copy and content writing. If you have the right analysis and problem solving skills, this job pays you more.

If you are capable of building a brand strategy, converting a client into a customer, get them sales and make them more money.

You are capable to be a content marketer.


CopyWriting, Content Writing and Content Marketing are required for any business to grow.

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