2020 Everybody has there own journey about this particular year, I have my own.

We have gained and we have lost.

My journey begins here. I have been in a same profession for 10 years with loads of ups and downs from 2500 RS. salary a month to my own business and one day nothing, in-between fought out of depression, some health related issues(still resolving), being cheated on and finding a perfect,healthy and steady relationship.


Juvenile, annoying, frustrating, energetic(but also tad bit lazy), rebellious(a little too much) but ultimately someone who makes people laugh hard. I meet strangers and make friends out of them. Hold on to them for as long as i can, but mean. I make fun of people real hard and they get all offended but never hesitates to apologize, Also absolutely no filter. Loves to work, constantly on to something, persistent, forever curious, keen learner, scared to letting things go, i love taking charge, a netflix binge watcher, adventure freak, a travel buff, also loves fashion 😀

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HI, myself Aashima Juneja.

I started my professional journey in 2013 while i was still studying I started looking for an internship job as an interior designer, well I live in Surat and their is no payscale here per say you only earn under 10,000/- while you are a newbie and it does not level up as per your expectations, this is a business oriented town. Further after 2 years i moved onto another job and worked there for 2 more years. Then i began thinking maybe I am ready to be on my own and work as a freelancer, so i left my job and started looking for work. I met a 3d visualizer he was also looking for work in this respective field so we began on working together and he started teaching me 3D with software known to be 3DS max. I began to be good at it.

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My work as a designer and 3D artist.

After 2 years of working together it started to blow. Then i began to work as a freelancer, it was going good but i wasn’t entirely happy with my profession also my health started to deteriorate but as I mentioned my apprehension about the changes. At the commencement of 2020 I began to learn more about things I may have interest in find a few things then came the lockdown. Just few days before this i was at the verge to invest in a cafe and somehow the entire 6 to 8 months there were second thoughts but somehow I kept quiet about it. I kept trying to talk myself out of my second thoughts but clearly they were helping me out somehow, so i began to explore more and more, read some books, articles and somehow found Digital marketing as my new delight.

I have a friend Ashish Goyal https://www.linkedin.com/in/goyalaashish he is just amazing at what he does. He assisted and stood by me and taught, along with his teachings I began resourcing and learning more about my niche and what I am interested in but wasn’t sure; while exploring on all the social media I found “Digital Deepak Internship program”(he pays cashbacks to learn) https://digitaldeepak.com/; began with a free course and started my training.

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Deepak sir’s inspiring life began with his journey with a blog about bikes, he realized he could do so much more and he began with coaching people on digital marketing. He has been in the digital marketing industry since 2008.

As a result now, he is India’s most recognized Digital Marketer with about more than 70 courses that have helped thousands of people already.

He is now an Author, Speaker and Trainer in the field of Digital Marketing.

Deepak sir is a freelance digital marketer. He is aware how today jobs consume so much time and offers less. He has done it all.

DDIP is just not about cashbacks but the value he adds even to his free course is remarkable, DDIP is a program of 12 weeks, I currently am on my 5th assignment we are a community of more than 300 students and I can’t even tell you how well everything has been managed it’s amazing (literally). So far we have learned success minds set, how to be a freelancer, about bitcoins to personal branding to our niche selection, how we should take money positively, and how we should not be afraid to share our dreams and what not. As an entrepreneur or wanting to be an digital marketer or even a digital mentor this is the course you need. He pushes you to achieve by his cashback offerings or his life journey and his visions.

His dreams will encourage you to dream big.

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My achievement,his encouragement.

His goals himself are too high, you want to do something with yours.

Couldn’t ask for a better mentor.

https://digitaldeepak.com/ READ, JOIN AND GET INSPIRED.