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Let’s begin with what marketing really is?

 “The science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires.

“Marketing is the art of creating genuine customer value. It is the art of helping your customer become better off. The marketer’s watchwords are quality, service, and value.”

Now let’s understand the laws of marketing.

Marketing starts before creating a product. It starts with understanding the customer and customer’s needs that leads to creating a product that fits.

Marketing is all about sending the right message, to the right person at the right time.

Marketing is not just about selling. It is also about keeping an existing customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain customer for life.

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Marketing is a game of perception. Product is rooted in reality. Never let marketing become more important than the product. A great product sells itself.

A great product converts your customer into brand ambassador. Word of mouth marketing is the best channel of marketing ever.

You need a great product, but marketing not just helps people discover the product. But also have a good perception about the product. (ex. Apple).

Before we begin with essential fundamentals of marketing, lets begin by understanding the difference between TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL MARKETING.

Traditional marketing (As we know it)

Is an approach in which marketers identify their audience and place ads where there audience see hear or interact with them offline. Such as print ads, billboards or television.

Digital marketing (Upgraded way of marketing)

Digital marketing facilitated online and uses paid or organic ads on social media or search engines, as well as email marketing, influencer marketing and video marketing, etc.

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What kind of marketing should you use?

Digital marketing is the yin to traditional marketing’s yang.

The key to great marketing campaign is to find good balance between both in 2020.

Both plays an very vital role.

Let me put it this way for example: electronic devices companies has good T.V. commercials however,electronic devices companies still have to move with the times and in-corporate digital marketing into their strategy so that they don’t miss out on some huge opportunities.

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Find out what works for you!

Here by, the list of most essential fundamentals of marketing.

1. Direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing is designed as wanting a quick (on the spot) response.To encourage the customer to take action on the advertisement immediately. For example:An newspaper ad with a phone number.

2. The CATT marketing funnel and frame work.

We are going to go deep in this very deep in this very topic.

The CATT marketingfunnel is Wealth=n^CATT.

Wealth: is your financial goal.

n is your Niche: Your success and wealth depends on the niche you choose.

C is Content: Create useful content that attracts people from your niche.blog posts, videos, lead magnets,live webinars,etc.

A is Attention: Drive attention (traffic)to your content using SEO, social media, paid ads,etc.

T is Trust: Build trust with your audience with trip wires, marketing automation and re-targeting

T is Transaction: Convert your leads into customers with natural sales method.

This is the most used marketing method to drive sales to your online business.

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But how does the CATT MARKETING FUNNEL works?

This solely depends on the right kind of niche that you choose, but how can you choose the right kind?

Right niche selection is very important in order to achieve your financial goal.

Now we are going to talk about niche selection.

3. How to select right kind of niche?

As a digital marketer choosing the right niche is like “the half won battle”.

Right niche is nothing but a combination of talent, market and passion.

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So, here your talentmarket and passion altogether can provide you with the right kind of niche.

Talent: Do you have the right skills set (the right talent) to be the best in digital marketing?

Market: You have to see if you have he correct market for it. if the niche you select has no market but you have the passion and talent you will remain a struggling artist.

Passion: You should have an interest in the niche you choose, you should be passionate about it.

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Here by, you need talent+market+passion , a combination all these three.


Digital marketing by the numbers.


Here i am going to share some very important tips to make your biggest win.

Lets assume that you want to make 1 crore as a marketing expert in 3 years.

Sounds big isn’t it?

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Look at the above graph:

When we look at this graph the possibility of making 1 crore becomes a bit achievable.

In the first case, we need to get 1,00,000 customers and sell a product worth RS. 100 to reach our goal to 1 cr.

In the second case, it looks so much easier than the 1st as we need 10,000 customers and sell a product worth rs. 1000.

In the 3rd case you see your product price is 10,000 and you need 1000 customers.

And in the next one you see price is 1,00,000 and you just n a 100 customers.

So, when you think about getting a 100 customers it seems much easier.

When you have a narrow niche, you may not be having enough customers out there, so you need to increase your product price.When you go into a narrow niche you will be able to increase your prices because in a narrow niche the amount of suppliers and services providers will be less.

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Hence ,the more you set your financial goal right your goal seems much more achievable.

5. Most underrated skill that will take you to the top of digital marketing!

Communication is the key.

Communication holds a very vital role in aspects of marketing and all the other businesses.

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Marketing communications helps more products, services and idea from manufacturer to end users and build and maintain relationship with customers and other important stake holders in the company. communication is vital to marketing because it brings everybody on the same page and makes work easy and quick.

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Interact and Intranet!

6. Quick guide to integrated marketing.

CATT MARKETING FUNNEL and INTEGRATED MARKETING are the two most important subjects in digital marketing.

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Content marketing is the most vital part of digital marketing. People make mistake and start selling their products online without any quality content or building people’s trust,and they fail miserably. Building people’s trust via quality content is important.

Integrated marketing is how all the marketing tactics email marketing, paid marketing, content marketing, social media, S.E.O compliments each other to SELL AND CONVERT.

Integrated marketing sums up :

Creating a quality content.

Doing good S.E.O on your blog to increase the presence of your blog over social media.

Driving the right kind of traffic to your content by paid advertisements.

Adding people to your email, proving a good services via e-mails.

And then converting your leads into sales.

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“Integrated marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer.”- Philip kotler.

7. Personal branding.

What is personal branding?

Those that do personal branding realize they are fully in charge and accountable for their careers.

They don’t see themselves as employees. Instead, they believe they are businesses-of-one who recognize in order to have the best customers , they need a marketing strategy that attracts the right type of clientele.

If you want to work for amazing organizations, then you need the type of personal brand that showcases you offer the type of professional services they’d be interested in paying for.

Once you understand personal branding is the marketing strategy for your business of one, you can start to build a plan to achieve bigger, better career goals!

Personal Branding Starts By Realizing You’re A Business of One.

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Little known ways to personal branding.

  1. Master a skill.
  2. Practice your skill.
  3. Be the skill.
  4. Promote your skill.
  5. Teach your skill, and
  6. Start up.

Evolution of personal branding via MASS TRUST BLUE PRINT.

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Learn: Learn a new skill through facts , concepts and procedures. Understand the concepts, remember the facts and practice the procedure.

Work: Put your new found skill to work. Go from practice to implementation. Implementation in the real world will give you better understanding.

Blog: write about what you have learned and experienced through your work.When you write you understand it better and you will also be building your personal brand.

Consult: Now that you have your personal brand through your blog, have work experience and have learned fundamentals, start consulting other businesses inside of working for them.

Mentor: Mentor others who want o become like you. Mentoring is going to scale your understanding to a whole new level.

Start up: Start your own product or services business with the understanding that you have developed about the market.


Marketing also means to an end. The entire purpose of marketing is to builds a brand and capture a position in the minds of the customer.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product sells itself. The aim of marketing is to make superfluous”.- Peter Drucker.

Let me put it in an example: Apple. Apple products does not need any marketing anymore to be recognized, apple product sells itself,it has come to an end of marketing.


Digital marketing is all about finding one NICHE and practicing it daily. To begin with you can experiment with what’s for you and what’s not for you. But, after you find your NICHE, don’t stop and start building your own online business.


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